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KTMKARD - KTM Trust - Street Children Rehabilitation Program Fund

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Street Children Rehabilitation Program Fund

More than 5000 homeless street children exist only within Kathmandu valley. They grow on the busy streets, deprived of family care and protection. Most of the children begging on the streets have been found between the ages of about 8-12 years old. Every day, a couple of children are new faces in the crowd but we think they are the same faces. We are ignoring them as well as their future because few years later they will be the same children involving in anti-social activities in opt after they hesitate to begging in the advent of adolescence.

Orphanage in Nepal almost never takes in street children because the task of fully rehabilitating a homeless street child is extremely challenging. There are few rehabilitation centers for street children in Nepal but they donít seem to eradicate the problem regarding street children as we can still see so many street children roaming around our city. Thus, revising about these street children from couple of years, we, the KTM Club has planned to eradicate the problem of street children in a long term way. We inhabit the street children in a well maintained rehabilitation centre, where there will be well trained instructors to provide practical support to them which would allow the children to grow up within caring and homely environment. We have devised means to care them in most humanitarian way for the betterment of the society we live, making it a better place to live in.

Your small contribution can make a big difference in the society and in the life of these children. We will utilize the collections for a good purpose of serving for the betterment of these street children. To contribute, please contact us in our office at New Road, Khichapokhari. Your name will be registered in the website as the donor in this trust. Letís raise our helping hands together for the entire merit.
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