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Fund for Old-age homes

Old Age has now become a prevalent social problem in our society. It is strange no one wants to grow old and everyone wants to live long. The care of these elderly people has become pertinent question in each society especially for the society like ours with traditional norms. In our modern society, where money is the scale of everything, old aged people are measured as an economic liability and a social burden. In our country, many old people are neglected by family and are living deteriorated life. They are even deprived from smallest happiness in the family and neglected due to the generation gap. In order to give a way to this old age problem from the society and maintain suitable environment, KTMClub has set up the fund program to take care for those destitute old people who have no one else to care for them. We are aimed for providing home and the complete range of facilities for the helpless senior citizens and providing them a better enjoyable environment for living. We will learn from them to serve them in the best manner as we can. These days it is not possible to run a house scrupulously without both of couple not working. So old aged elders have to reside in home with no one to care for as all of their children have to go for work. In such scenario, taking care of elders is not amenable for almost every household. So the elders get occupied with boredom and have no one to share their feelings.

Unlike general old age homes we shelter them in a highly facilitated center. It is a boarding house for both those who would turn for a daytime or as a fully residential accommodation. Elderly people get company as well as entertainment here. Western society is fully accustomed to hospices but the efficacy of such is not well understood in our traditional society. We want to be the precursor to such facility and expecting help from you for such mitigation.

Your small contribution can make a big difference in the society and in the life of these senior citizens. We will utilize the collections for a good purpose of serving for the betterment of these people. To contribute, please contact us in our office at New Road, Khichapokhari. Your name will be registered in the website as the donor in this trust. Letís raise our helping hands together for the entire merit.
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