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KTMKARD - FAQ - Frequently Asked Question

KTMKARD - FAQ - Frequently Asked Question

1. What is Ktm club?
KTM Club is more like a service club organization aiming at providing a better and comfortable life to our members and to generate helping hands to serve our society and nation.
We are not only aiming to become quality service provider but also existing as a ‘Role Model’ to the society and nation by encouraging our members to participate in community welfare.
We want to support the right cause and convince the opposition to follow our footstep and positive life style.

2. What is Ktm convention?
It’s a gathering of ktm members and vendors(ktmist) from different profession, class, status, age group, life style. Convention is organized basically to promote business, public relation, provide platform to the vendors to promote their business, interchange ideas, views about social and economical aspects of nation.
3. what is ktmclub card?
Ktmclub card is a card certifying membership in Ktmclub is the first social networking card in Nepal that provides facilities and coordination services to the is a fully customer benefit card designed for people from all the walks of life. It also functions  as a privilege card by the help of which the members can get quality products and Services on discounted price.
4. Can anyone be the member of ktmclub?
Ktmclub is the social networking organization of people having educated,reputed and  high purchasing be the member of our club,a person should reach the criteria described in the membership form of ktmclub.

5. What are the basic services of your club?

a.       Invitation to KTM Convention

b.      Business promotion, great networking opportunity

c.       Vendor profile on

d.      Products, services outlets, offers, discounts display on our website

e.      Access to discounts offered from fellow vendors

f.        Member support, collective power

g.       Online medical report,Timely health check-up, state-of-the-art health club facilities

h.      Health, accident, life insurance

i.         Consultancy services: Legal, medical, educational, immigration, health, beauty, fitness etc.

j.        American Green Card lottery

k.       Invitation to excursions, seminars, get-togethers, marathon and other events organized by the Club

l.         Auto repair and servicing

m.    Special tour packages

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